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Do you suffer from anxiety every time you visit the dentist, regardless of the gentle and non-invasive form of treatment you are currently receiving? Dental anxiety can happen to many of us, and for those who suffer from it can occur without any onset of pain or even relation to pain in a previous or current treatment you are planning to receive. In fact, anxiety can be associated with the simple sound of a drill turning on. Fortunately, today’s latest advancements in dental technology make it easier than ever to get the care you need. For the very best in quiet and painless oral health care, simply book an appointment with your local Bay Ridge general dentist at the state of the art practice of Gary Herskovits, DDS, and ask how water laser treatment can work for you.

Dental Care Bay Ridge
Dental Care Bay Ridge

Water laser dentistry is truly unlike any other form of dentistry in practice today. Drills can create the sound and vibration that truly sets patients on edge, and even lasers can produce that causes discomfort in the mind and the body alike. But with water laser procedures from your professional Bay Ridge general dentist, patients can enjoy oral health care procedures that require no injections for anesthesia. This advanced technology is able to make precise incisions that create zero microfractures and zero pressure due to its ability to work without ever coming into contact with your teeth. It allow works to eliminate bacteria, so procedures can heal easily. What makes water laser dentistry truly unique is not just for its ability to transform water into an instrument for cleaning and caring for teeth, but its previously unheard of speed. Water laser dentistry produces 50 microsecond laser pulses, a speed so incredibly fast that your brain actually cannot keep up with, allowing it to beat your nervous system and stop pain from ever occurring. Not only can this procedure wash away cavities to place fillings with painless ease, but water laser is also ideal for treating gum lines to stop diseases in their tracks, and can even be used on the skin and bone to create procedures that are far more precise and gentle on the body than any other method in use today.

For oral health care that truly works to meet your personal and oral health needs, be sure to visit your neighborhood Bay Ridge general dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices at the offices of Gary Herskovits, DDS proudly utilize the latest advancements in dental technology in all areas of oral health care to insure the best care possible for our patients. With water laser dentistry from Gary Herskovits, DDS you can achieve a healthy smile free from anxiety.

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