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Bay Ridge Lumineers

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Restore your Smile in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge Lumineers
Bay Ridge Lumineers

Is your smile getting you down? Are your teeth not as white as they once were or chipped, cracked perhaps a bit too short? If the answer to any of these questions is yes Dr. Gary Herskovits, DDS may have the solution that will make you want to smile again. One of the ways that our practice improves smiles is through the use of porcelain veneers including Bay Ridge Lumineers, a high quality veneer brand. Veneers have the advantage over other methods of enhancing your smile in that they are quick and painless to install and require little of no removal of tooth material. They are also strong and long-lasting.

Bay Ridge Lumineers and other porcelain veneers are thin sheets of a strong porcelain material that is placed on the front of the teeth. Since these veneers can be made as white as the patient wants they can be used in a set to whiten the patients smile. Aside from aesthetic considerations veneers are also used to cover small cracks and chips in a tooth to protect it from decay or to lengthen a tooth that is too short without the need of placing a more invasive and costly crown restoration. In these cases or in a case where tooth is stained or discolored the veneer can be colored to match the neighboring teeth. Our doctor will take impressions and radiographs of your teeth and check their condition for any decay or other problems. During a second visit the teeth will be prepared if necessary and the Lumineers or other veneers will be temporarily placed on the teeth for a try-on period. Once you and our doctor are satisfied with the fit, shape and color they will be bonded to the teeth.

Bay Ridge Lumineers are extremely durable and with proper tooth maintenance they should last 10 – 15 years depending on your eating, drinking and tooth maintenance habits. During this time you will have the bright even smile that you always wanted. Give our office a call and set up a consultation with Dr. Herskovits to see what Lumineers can do for your smile.

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