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Bay Ridge Root Canal

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Root canal procedure in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge root canal
Bay Ridge root canal

At the offices of Gary Herskovits, DDS, our practice has been serving the Bay Ridge and Brooklyn area for many years. We specialize in fillings, root canals, crowns and caps, implants, veneers and other general and cosmetic dentistry. We are practiced in the art of endodontics, also known as Bay Ridge root canal therapy. We offer our patients the best in dental care, and pride ourselves on providing them with a fun and safe environment at which they can feel at home in, without any of the normal dental anxiety that can happen for some.

Symptoms that a root canal is needed start with acute sensitivity to hot or cold, pain, swelling and sometimes infection. If the nerve of the tooth has been affected by tooth decay or severe infection, a root canal can save the tooth from extraction. This prevents the need for implants, dentures or bridges later on. A Bay Ridge root canal involves removing the damaged tooth pulp before cleaning the tooth and then sealing it. After the procedure, a crown is usually put on top of the tooth to protect it. The entire procedure can be down in one or two visits, depending on the severity of the problem, and involves only a local anesthesia. Our root canal treatment helps to alleviate tooth decay, inflammation or infection. It can help save natural teeth from being pulled, preventing the need for later dentures or implants.

Root canal therapy has a 90% success rate. After Bay Ridge root canal therapy, most teeth last as long as other natural teeth, but in some cases, the tooth fails to heal. It can cause re-infection and need to be retreated. We perform root canal re-treatments which removes the old root canal filling material and fixes it with a new root canal therapy. A root canal can help reduce the chances that the tooth will need to be pulled, saving the natural tooth around the diseased pulp. This is important because any gaps in the mouth due to missing teeth must eventually be filled in before the jawbone starts to sink in.

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