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Dentures in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn NY local dentist
Brooklyn NY local dentist

Many adults loose teeth as they age and other individuals may lose teeth due to decay, disease, or even injury. No matter what has caused your tooth loss, it’s important that you replace your missing teeth and restore your smile as soon as you can. With the help of our Brooklyn NY local dentist, Gary Herskovits, DDS, your dental health in specific dental needs can be assessed and you can begin working on getting the dentures you need to improve your dental health once more.

Losing teeth can cause a great deal of dental damage, and it can continue to do so on a regular basis if you do not replace the teeth that you lost. Living with lost teeth, whether you are missing many teeth or just a few, can put a great deal of stress and strain on your bite and on any remaining teeth and that you have. This can cause lifelong chronic conditions and it can cause even more dental problems. Additionally, with missing teeth you may experience difficulties eating and speaking. Replacing missing teeth can help to address all these issues at once. For people who are missing a great deal of their teeth, if not all of them, then dentures are a great option. Dentures involve artificial teeth that are set on to a base that look like gums. This base can be set into your mouth with the use of an adhesive paste and applied as needed daily. Here at the offices of our Brooklyn NY dentist, Gary Herskovits, DDS, your specific needs can be assessed and Dr. Herskovitz can provide you with the perfect set of dentures.

Each pair of dentures is specifically designed to suit the patient in need of them. Dr. Herskovitz is here to provide you with whatever molds, exams, and other tests needed before creating your custom made of dentures. If you have lost teeth or need denture care and maintenance, please feel free to call us here at the offices of our Brooklyn NY local dentist to set up a visit with Gary Herskovits, DDS today.

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