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Brooklyn NY Oral Cancer Exams

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Brooklyn NY Oral Cancer Exams

When it comes to having a healthy mouth, it’s obvious that you should brush and floss daily as well as come in twice per year for a full exam of your teeth and gums, x-rays, and a teeth cleaning. But there is one vital aspect of your oral well-being that is not always given the proper attention and that’s cancer screening. This includes cancer of the mouth and the throat, including your lips and tongue. Not everyone thinks of their mouths when it comes to being concerned about cancer, but such cancers affect around 35,000 Americans every year and lead to about 7,600 deaths, many of them preventable with our oral cancer screening in Brooklyn. Early detection is always linked to the best chances for the most favorable outcomes. We’re dedicated to helping you prevent cancers of the mouth and throat whenever possible, but if it isn’t then our goal is to diagnose at a time when treatment is likely to be most effective.

Risk factors for oral cancer include tobacco use, both smoking and smokeless versions, heavy alcohol consumption, and sun exposure. It’s a very good idea to use sunscreen on your lips when you’re going to be out in the sun. Being 40 and over increases the chances of oral cancer and it’s also twice as likely to affect men as women. Having the human papillomavirus, or HPV, is also associated with oral cancers. In order to prevent all types of cancer, including those of the mouth and throat, we recommend that all of our valued patients eat a nutritious diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. But since nothing is 100%, take advantage of our oral cancer screening in Brooklyn as part of a comprehensive dental checkup.

In-between your exams every six months, you should be aware of the most common symptoms of oral cancer. If you experience any of the following that lasts for more than two weeks, you shouldn’t hesitate to call us right away and schedule an examination: sore, irritation, lump, or a thick patch in your mouth, lip, or throat; white or red patches in your mouth; problems chewing or swallowing; difficulties moving your jaw or tongue; numbness in your mouth or in your tongue; swelling in your jaw that results in improper fitting of your dentures; pain in your ear that is not accompanied by hearing loss; a feeling of something caught in your throat. By paying close attention to how you feel and getting our oral cancer screening in Brooklyn, you can feel confident of promoting the optimal health of your mouth and throat.

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