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Root canal in 11209

Dentist in 11209
Dentist in 11209

Root canal may not be something to look forward to, but it’s also not something that you have to dread. You can leave behind anxiety and nervousness because our dentist in 11209 uses the very latest techniques and advanced equipment for the procedure, which is essential to relieve pain and to save your tooth.

The most common reason for needing root canal is that your tooth’s protective layers have been breached by bacteria. The reasons why this happens include the effects of tooth decay, either from a large cavity or a deep filling; a chipped or cracked tooth; or facial trauma due to an injury or accident. In most cases, there will be little doubt that you need immediate attention. Pain from an infection in your tooth can be severe, especially when you apply pressure to it or try to chew food using it. Other symptoms are sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, tender gums, and tooth discoloration. One or possibly more visits to our dentist in 11209 are required to complete a root canal, depending on, among other things, how many canals the tooth has. You will be sufficiently numbed with local anesthesia before the process begins. Drilling commences from the top of the tooth until access can be gained to the pulp at the bottom. The damaged pulp, nerve, and any debris will be removed. The canals will then be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. If multiple sessions are necessary, a temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth until you return. At the conclusion of the root canal, our dentist in 11209 will take impressions so that a permanent crown can be crafted to fit you perfectly.

It’s always preferable for you to keep your natural teeth, and root canal is the best, and only, way to do that when an infection takes hold inside your tooth. Call our office and we will schedule a prompt appointment for you.

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