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Dentist in Brooklyn NY

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Porcelain veneers in Brooklyn NY

Dentist in Brooklyn NY
Dentist in Brooklyn NY

Over the long history of dentistry many different materials have been used to replace or correct teeth from wood to gold to metal alloys. One of the best materials has proven to be porcelain or porcelain composites. Our dentist in Brooklyn NY Dr. Gary Herskovits, DDS uses porcelain veneers and crowns to fix tooth imperfections and protect and preserve teeth.

Our dentist in Brooklyn NY uses porcelain veneers to repair small cracks and chips in the front side of teeth as well as using them to lengthen teeth that are too short or to fix the coloring of teeth that have stains or are discolored. A veneer is a thin sheet of a porcelain material that is shaped to the exact width and length to fit over the front of the tooth. The veneer can be made to either match the color of the tooth or if the tooth is discolored match the color of the adjacent teeth. A series of veneers that are white can be put on to whiten the whole smile. Porcelain veneers are strong and should last 10 – 15 years. Veneers can be put on in 2 visits without removing much or in many cases none of the original tooth material.

Our dentist in Brooklyn NY can also use porcelain crowns to whiten a smile but the main use of the sturdy crowns is to protect a badly damaged tooth from decay and to restore it to functionality. Crowns are caps that completely cover the tooth and form a new chewing surface. The porcelain crowns are used whenever the underlying tooth is severely damaged or decayed, has a large crack or chip or has undergone an endodontic treatment. Crown, like veneers, can be made to match the color of the adjacent teeth or white. Crowns look; feel and function just like natural teeth. Come to our office and see what porcelain restoration can do for your smile.

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