Dentist office Fort Hamilton

Dentist Office Fort Hamilton

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Dentures in Fort Hamilton

Dentist office Fort Hamilton
Dentist office Fort Hamilton

Dentures can be made to replace a few teeth or all of them on your lower or upper jaw. They are a simple, quick, and effective way to restore your complete smile. We at the office of Gary Herskovits, DDS are pleased to offer them as your solution for missing teeth.

It’s understood that nothing lasts a long time unless it has value. Dentures, though they have undergone changes and improvements over the years, date back as the very first teeth replacements. At our dentist office Fort Hamilton, they remain popular. The process of getting dentures begins with impressions being taken. They are sent to the dental lab, who creates the dentures. Basically, they consist of a plastic base, colored pink to match your gums. This is surrounded by a metal framework. On top of the base is the appropriate number of prosthetic teeth. If your dentures are partial, they will have clasps on both sides to attach to your surrounding teeth. Complete dentures have no clasps. Our dentist office Fort Hamilton then fits them to you, making any adjustments necessary for comfort and precision. When you use your dentures, you will apply adhesive between them and your gums, and attached the clasps (if applicable). Smile, laugh, speak, and chew with renewed confidence. Partial dentures are always done right away, while complete dentures may or may not be. It is a good idea to delay for a few weeks from the point where the last of your natural teeth have been removed. Your gum and bone tissue will naturally shrink, so waiting makes for a better fit with fewer adjustments later. If you require immediate dentures, though, we are happy to help.

Please contact our dentist office Fort Hamilton and make an appointment to come in and get started on your set of dentures.

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