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Denture maintenance and care in Bay Ridge

Dentures Bay Ridge
Dentures Bay Ridge

Denture maintenance and care is not complicated, but it’s important to do. By following just a few simple guidelines, your experience wearing our dentures in Bay Ridge will be a positive one.

There is a very good reason why dentures have been around for so long and have continued to thrive even after the invention of implants. They combine the qualities of being reasonably priced, easy to wear, and universal in the sense that nearly anyone is a good candidate for them. Furthermore, for most types, it is a quick process, unlike implants which can take many months to complete. You need no oral surgery for our dentures in Bay Ridge. They sit on your gums, removable at your discretion, and held in using dental adhesive. When you first get them, there will be a period of adjustment. This is completely natural. Initially, you should stick to softer foods as you grow accustomed to our dentures in Bay Ridge. Be sure to chew on both sides to avoid uneven wear. Avoid sticky and chewy foods at first. Cut big pieces into small ones. After meals, take out your dentures and rinse them. And each night, remove them so you can brush them. Then soak your dentures overnight. Avoid bending them and be sure not to damage the clasps. That’s about all you need to remember. Our restorative dentist will be happy to answer any questions that you have, and provide continued advice and valuable tips. Thanks to dentures, you can have a complete smile. Laugh, speak, and chew without having to deal with gaps where teeth used to be or a jaw devoid of teeth entirely.

Our office is prepared to help you from initial consultation to getting your dentures in Bay Ridge and right through to the break-in period and beyond. Call us when you need us, and schedule an appointment to come in and get started with dentures.

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