Family dentist in Bay Ridge

Family Dentist in Bay Ridge

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Dental care for all ages in Bay Ridge

Family dentist in Bay Ridge
Family dentist in Bay Ridge

In order to be able to effectively provide high quality dental care for all ages, our family dentist in Bay Ridge has put in the effort to ensure our practice provides a wide range of services that are essential to everyone, as well as those that are specifically applicable to kids, adults, or seniors. Here at the office of Gary Herskovits, DDS, our focus is on attentive and gentle care, and a dedication to meeting the needs of each individual patient.

Children’s needs are different, because they start off with a temporary set of teeth; the ones that are called primary or baby teeth. In addition, kids tend to be more susceptible to cavities. But most of all, they need to feel comfortable and at ease with our family dentist in Bay Ridge. The attitudes that she or he takes into adulthood regarding dentistry will undoubtedly be formed in the early years. Many adults who are fearful and nervous about treatment had bad experiences in their youth. Our entire office makes it a priority to be patient with our pediatric patients. And we’ve created and maintained an environment that is friendly, fun, and non-threatening. Adult patients, including seniors, will likely be interested in the variety of choices we have for the replacement of missing teeth. It would be nice if you could keep all of your natural teeth for your entire life. But it often does not work out that way. In addition to bridges and dentures, we are also pleased to offer dental implants, and Noble Biocare, which can give you new teeth in as quickly as an hour. Of course, we also do fillings, root canals, place crowns, orthodontic treatment, and cosmetic procedures.

Our family dentist in Bay Ridge is your source for everyone from kids to parents to grandparents. Schedule an appointment at our office today.

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