Fort Hamilton teeth replacement

Fort Hamilton Teeth Replacement

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Tooth loss treatments in Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton teeth replacement
Fort Hamilton teeth replacement

Missing teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile, but that’s not the only drawback. Your other teeth can shift, which causes discomfort and possible jaw complications, including TMJ disorder. Your chewing could be less efficient, too. Here at the office of Gary Herskovits, DDS, you have three fantastic options among our Fort Hamilton teeth replacement: bridges, dentures, and implants. Which you choose depends on several factors, including how many teeth you need to restore, and what your timeframe is for getting new teeth.

Bridges and dentures are the traditional selections. A bridge can either be fixed, meaning it is permanently fastened to your gums, or removable. The removable ones are also called partial dentures. Speaking of dentures, a complete set of them is typically a solution for restoring all of the teeth on your upper or lower jaw. Implants as our Fort Hamilton teeth replacement are not exactly new. They’ve had a good half century of history. Continued advancements in implant technology have made them extremely popular today. Implants are constructed to resemble an act like a natural tooth. There are no adhesives needed, and they have no effect on your surrounding teeth. In fact, implants can even be used as the foundation for dentures, giving you the best benefits of both of our Fort Hamilton teeth replacement choices. Bridges and dentures do not require any qualifications. And the partial ones can be made and fitted very quickly, giving you a nearly immediate solution. In order to get implants, you need to either have a sufficiently strong and thick jaw bone, or have a bone grafting procedure done to make it so. Implants take several months to complete, but the additional time is well worth it.

The best thing to do is contact our office to arrange a time to come in for a consultation. Let our restorative dentist go over the possibilities with you and help you to determine the best one for your needs and preferences.

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