Dental implants in Brooklyn

Implant Dentist in Brooklyn

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Replace Missing Teeth

Implant Dentist in Brooklyn
Implant Dentist in Brooklyn

When you have missing teeth it can negatively affect your whole life. You may be embarrassed during everyday situations at work, or you may choose to avoid all social situations. We are happy to let you know that there is no reason to have to live with the problem of missing teeth. Our implant dentist in Brooklyn, Dr. Gary Herskovits can easily replace your missing teeth in a pain-free and stress-free procedure.

Today, getting dental implants is becoming one of the most popular procedures to go through to have missing teeth replaced. Our implant dentist in Brooklyn has seen this procedure grow in popularity over the years. Dr. Herskovits has over 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry, as well as more than 1500 hours of continuing education credits. He is a well-respected and highly-trained expert in the field of dentistry. When patients come to him for dental implants they know that they are in good hands. Dental implants are made up of two parts: there is the titanium root portion and the porcelain crown upper portion. In order to proceed with a dental implant, Dr. Herskovits first needs to determine that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. The patient’s jawbone must be healthy enough to hold an implant, and the patient must not have any medical situation that interferes with his or her ability to heal well. Once it is determined that the patient is a good candidate, the titanium root will be surgically inserted into the patients jawbone.

Then the patient must go through a healing period of several months during which the implant will fuse to the jawbone. Once this is completed, our implant dentist in Brooklyn will attach the permanent porcelain crown and the implant is completed. You will then be able to eat anything you want and your speech will not be affected. Furthermore, the dental crown will perfectly match the adjoining teeth so no one will be able to determine that you have a dental implant in your mouth. It will simply look, feel, and function just like a healthy permanent tooth. If you would like to meet with Dr. Herskovits about replacing your missing teeth, contact our office today for an appointment. And if dental implants are determined not to be for you, Dr. Herskovits can provide you with several other great options for teeth replacement.

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