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Implant Dentist in Brooklyn

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Replace Missing Teeth in Brooklyn

Implant Dentist in Brooklyn
Implant Dentist in Brooklyn

Living with missing teeth can certainly make life difficult. Things that were once commonplace can become challenging, and you may even lose a bit of confidence when it comes to chewing, speaking or smiling. If you want to restore your smile and bring it back to what it was before, your best option may be dental implants. If you want to replace missing teeth, you can meet with our implant dentist in Brooklyn, Gary Herskovits, DDS to find out more about what dental implants entail and whether this method of dental restoration is right for you.

There are a few other methods commonly used to replace missing teeth. Bridges and dentures are fairly common methods, but they will not provide patients with the same sort of support that dental implants can. Bridges are perhaps more suitable for people who are only missing a few teeth, and dentures may not be for everyone. Dentures can easily replace a series of missing teeth, but some people still have issues with friction concerning their dentures. Because dentures are not completely fixed, they may still irritate the gums and they may not be completely reliable when eating certain foods. But dental implants are different. Unlike these other dental restoration methods, dental implants look, feel and perform the most like natural teeth. Because this method used to replace missing teeth involves surgery, you will first need to meet with an implant dentist in Brooklyn to make sure whether or not you are eligible for the procedure. Dental implants are firmly set into your jaw, giving you the strength of natural teeth. Your artificial teeth are set into your jawbone using titanium posts which will meld with the bone as they heal. Once this process is over, your artificial teeth will be set in place by Gary Herskovits, DDS.

If you are looking to replace missing teeth, then you will want the expert advice of a dentist before deciding which method you wish to go with. Here at the dental offices of our implants dentist in Brooklyn, you can have Gary Herskovits, DDS thoroughly examine your teeth and give you an expert opinion. If all is well, you may be able to begin your dental implant treatment.

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