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Replace Missing Teeth in Brooklyn NY

Replacing missing teeth is a great idea and not only because it gives you a better looking smile, as helpful as that is. But also because it prevents your teeth from shifting, which can lead to discomfort and a a misalignment of your occlusion (bite). Dental implants are at the top of the list when it comes to dental restorations. This is not to say that dental bridges and dentures aren’t useful, but if you would like a replacement that both looks and feels like a natural tooth, then our implant dentist in Brooklyn, Dr. Gary Herskovits, would like you to come in for a consultation to see if dental implants are right for you. Most patients qualify. You will need to have a jaw bone has the strength and thickness to support the implant and gums that are in healthy condition. Beyond that, certain personal habits- such as smoking- and diseases- diabetes, for example- may have an impact on whether you’re considered a good candidate or not.

A dental implant is a post that is made from titanium. OurĀ implant dentist in Brooklyn places it in your jaw. There is a waiting period of several months during which your jaw bone will grow around your new implant, causing a fusion that creates an extremely strong bond. At that point, a tooth-colored crown will be placed on top and cemented securely. You won’t need messy adhesive to keep it from moving as you would with partial dentures. And unlike bridges, your surrounding teeth remain unaffected by the placement of the implant. You’ll be able to speak and eat normally and with full confidence. You can brush it and floss between your implant and your other teeth as you would do in any other instance.

With a success rate right around 98%, dental implants are an excellent choice to restore your complete set of teeth. And if it does turn out that your jaw bone isn’t thick enough, a bone grafting procedure can be done to work around that problem. So don’t live with missing teeth any longer. Call our implant dentist in Brooklyn today and schedule an appointment.