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Can you recall the last time you paid a visit to the dentist? For many of us, we often put off visits for oral health care on the notion that if your smiles are not in pain, then they do not require any additional care. However, while this may be true of other portions of the human body, the same cannot be said for your smile. Decay and diseases can cause untold levels of damage to your teeth without creating any levels of pain. In fact, you could be living with an oral disease without even knowing it. Fortunately, you find the care you need to maintain a healthy smile with regular visits to your Inwood dentist at the welcoming offices of Inwood Dental.

Patients of all ages need to be paying a visit to their local dentist at least twice a year. No matter how healthy your diet or how advanced your electronic spin brush may be, your smile is still at risk for damage, decay, and disease. No matter how long its been since your last visit, your dentist is always ready to welcome you back with a state of the art initial exam that uses the latest technology to make up for lost time. Digital dental x-rays put out 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, all while providing images in far greater detail. Your Inwood dentist uses digital x-rays to diagnose bite problems, jaw disorders, infections, decay, and diseases in the earliest possible stages to prevent further harm from coming to your smile.

However, with regularly scheduled appointments at your Inwood dentist, you can actually prevent oral health problems from happening entirely. Dental prophylaxis is the process by with your oral health care center utilizes exams and cleaning techniques to protect your smile from decay and disease. While cleaning and brushing are necessary between visits, they do not replace the need for professional care. Gentle yet effective cleanings from a licensed hygienist are the only way to remove tartar, also known as calculus. Tartar can form on the surface of teeth and gums just twenty minutes after meals, and will spread tooth decay and gingivitis without care. Regular cleanings every six months can even be used to effectively treat the initial stages of gum disease for a healthy smile. With regular visits to Inwood Dental, you can insure beautiful and healthy smiles for life.

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