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Oral Cancer Exams

Taking care of your mouth, teeth and gums takes some work, both at home and with the help of a professional healthcare provider. While it is important to help fight off plaque and harmful forms of bacteria by brushing twice a day, flossing regularly and using a safe anti-bacterial mouth wash, it is still important that you visit your dentist as regularly as recommended. While tooth decay and gum disease plays a large role in your overall oral health, there are other things that your dentist can help you look out for such as oral cancer. Here at our dental offices in Brooklyn, Gary Herskovits, DDS can provide you and your family with the comprehensive dental care you need to make sure that all of your bases are covered.

Routine dental exams are extremely beneficial to all kinds of patients. Whether you have any present dental issues or not, it is still important that you schedule annual exams and checkups

Dental Checkups Bay Ridge
Dental Checkups Bay Ridge

as well as bi-annual dental cleanings with a professional. These routine exams and cleanings also help dentists properly monitor your oral health from visit to visit to better and more easily identify any minute changes or developments. One thing that Gary Herskovits, DDS here at our offices in Brooklyn always makes sure to look out for during a routine dental exam is oral cancer. There are plenty of symptoms and warning signs, though you may not initially equate them with cancer symptoms on your own. If Gary Herskovits, DDS finds any symptoms, he will ask you questions to better determine the nature of some of these symptoms.

Some symptoms of oral cancer may include a thickening of the skin inside your mouth, a persistent sore throat that does not go away and bleeds easily, a persistent hoarseness in your voice and throat, red or white spots inside or at the back of your mouth, difficulty chewing or swallowing, numbness of the tongue, a sore inside the mouth that will not heal, loose teeth, jaw stiffness, or even the feeling that something is perpetually caught in your throat. If you find that you exhibit any of these symptoms, call us to schedule an appointment with Gary Herskovits, DDS as soon as possible.

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