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Pediatric Dentist in Bay Ridge

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Pediatric Dentist in Bay Ridge
Pediatric Dentist in Bay Ridge

If you are looking for a great pediatric dentist in Bay Ridge, you will want to visit Gary Herskovits, DDS. Our practice serves the Brooklyn/Bay Ridge community and we welcome patients of all ages into our practice. However, if you have kids in need of expert dental care, you will want to soon visit our pediatric dentist in Bay Ridge.

Dr. Herskovits is a highly-trained pediatric dentist, who understands the special oral health needs of children from infancy up through the teen years. Children’s teeth, gums and mouths go through different stages of development that a pediatric dentist needs to be aware of to understand and expertly treat. It is recommended that an infant has his or her first dentist visit when the first baby tooth erupts, or the child reaches age one, whichever comes first. Many parents do not realize the important role baby teeth play in a child’s overall oral health development. Baby teeth play a major role in a child’s speech development, and also act as a place holder for the child’s permanent teeth. (They start to come in at ages 6 or 7.) If baby teeth are lost prematurely, the child’s speech development can be adversely affected, and permanent teeth may come in crooked or in the wrong place. Our pediatric dentist in Bay Ridge can help avoid these troublesome situations by checking your child’s teeth and gums to make sure they are staying healthy.

Pediatric dentists provide many services for their youngest patients and their parents. They provide: oral health exams; preventative cleanings and fluoride treatments; diet recommendations; information for parents on stages of childhood development including items such as thumb sucking and use of pacifiers; early assessment of an improper bite; cavity fillings; management of gum disease; and care for dental emergencies. And, perhaps most important of all, your pediatric dentist in Bay Ridge, will make sure that your child’s experience at the dentist is fun and comfortable. This will help ensure that your child develops a great attitude toward dentists for the rest of their lives; they will never hesitate to visit a dentist when needed. What better gift can you give your child to help ensure that they will always have a beautiful and healthy smile? To set up an appointment for your child to see Dr. Herskovits, call our office today. We will look forward to meeting you and your family!

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