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Sedation dentist in Bay Ridge

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IV sedation in Bay Ridge

Have you been postponing appointments with the dentist for regular examinations and professional cleanings due to fear or anxiety? Does the idea of a dental appointment bring on feelings of worry and stress while preventing you from receiving proper dental care? In our office, Gary Herskovits, DDS is a sedation dentist in Bay Ridge and encourages patients who have avoided visits to the dentist due to feeling more than just uncomfortable or concerned about sitting in the dental chair to receive any treatment.

Receiving IV sedation will allow you to relax enough to be unaware during the process of your dental services which will allow Gary Herskovits, DDS the opportunity to perform substantial amount of dental services in just a few appointments. Prior to administering your IV sedation, we will thoroughly explain any and all dental procedures that will be performed as well as the details surrounding the sedation.
While you are sedated, Dr. Herskovits, your sedation dentist in Bay Ridge, will be provided the ability to replace dentures, crowns or bridges, whiten yellowed, dulled or stained teeth and restore gums that have suffered periodontal disease back to good health as well as a number of other necessary dental services while you are in a relaxed state. Upon the completion of your needed dental treatments, you will awaken feeling refreshed with little or no memory of what was accomplished.

As your sedation dentist in Bay Ridge, Gary Herskovits, DDS can provide a soothing, calm environment while administering top quality dental services that will allow you to have restored and healthy teeth and gums. At the conclusion of your treatments, you will be able to chew, bite, speak and smile properly with feelings of renewal and confidence. We are also hopeful you will eventually reduce your feelings of anxiety enough that you will be comfortable receiving regular dental treatments and maintain regularly scheduled examinations with professional cleanings. To begin, please contact a compassionate and knowledgeable member of our staff to schedule your initial appointment. We look forward to meeting with you and restoring your naturally beautiful smile while you experience the relaxation of sedation dentistry.

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